Hands Dirty

She eyed the bar further down the road, and shrugged in approval. Giving him a confused look, which contained her eyebrows furrowing and her pushing her head back a tad, she moved towards the door. "Uh, I'm sure a handy note will do." Moving past him, she pushed her body against the wooden door, only to find the entrance locked. Taking another look around, she then took a look at the dirt below their feet.

Seeing a small bucket of water near one of the booths in the street, she headed towards the water. Cupping her hands and dumping the hand full of water on the ground, she mixed it with her fingers- proving to form a red paste that looked similar to a vibrant clay. Cupping a small portion, she returned to Artem with the substance. She realized that she only had enough to say one word, so she pressed the wet material against the door to say, 'BAR'. Nodding in approval she took her fingers and gestured towards his clothing, asking to wipe it on him. "The least you can do for making a lady get her hands dirty." Winking at him playfully.

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