Search the city + Important OOC info

Asgurt frowned in annoyance and frustration. "I don't know. Search the city!" he almost growled at the captain of his personal guard, Declan, who immediately followed the order and started the search with the rest of the cityguards. Even though Asgurt knew they proably wouldn't be able to find Draken, since he could anywhere, he made them search for him just in case he'd hidden near by.

(OOC - I'm really sorry to be such a killjoy, but even though I'm replying to your post I would appreciate if you didn't force my character (and sometimes others) into being at whatever place in time that is most convenient for your own character.

I understand that it sometimes can be hard to get a character into the game, but in my point of view, this isn't the way to do so. If you can't find a "natural" way to introduce you character to the game, then try and ask some of the other players for help to do so or simply be a little more patient.
If you want to, then I would happily try and get you into the game, but then you have to stop jumping around in the timeline.

Once more, I'm really sorry if I sound angry or anything, which I'm not. This is only meant as a way to help you into the game and to make it work for everyone.)

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