- Dalen Woodland, Night of 1 DSTR -

"Answers in order. I am Lafayette. If you spend enough time wondering you learn to spot camps even if you don't see them. Heading to the next town, I see no reason to stop walking just because it got dark. I have dealt with far worse conditions." he said tapping his sword against his leg before sheathing it and taking off his canvas covered pack with a loud thud he dropped the box like object he called a pack. "I assure you, you have nothing to fear. There are more you then me, I am you say suicidal. I wouldn't fight a group." Lafayette used his ramblings to try to put them at ease. Though his attempt at hiding his accent had failed before he even opened his mouth.

Lafayette knelt down taking the cover off the pack revealing it was more of a small trunk. Covered in a small thin layer of metal to keep the wood safe and from rotting, with straps to hold it shut. When undid the straps the box opened itself. The box was stuffed with supplies. Lafayette studied the contents pulling back a blanket that served as much as warmth as it did to protect the bottles inside. "Wine or Mead?" he asked with a smile. All the while studying the group. Not for spying simply to make sure wouldn't need to fight and hurt anyone. Before anyone answered he already was working a cork free on a wine bottle in his teeth.

Lafayette had few rules to live by. He considered himself moral, though he also realizes it is all a matter of perspective. Lafayette made a few notes in his head, the woman carried herself as someone who could lay him it dirt just as quick as he could her. And not in the good way. The man seemed nervous how ever he size could cause him to stop Lafayette with ease if he was disarmed. Though never breaking his happy, friendly expression.

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