Evil Unnoticed

-The Orchard; Morning of 2 DSTR-

Randel smiled. “I would never take the advice of one who does not put value in themselves. If you do not think you are of value, then what sort of advice could you give.” He pointed out in a warm and friendly manner. “That would go for slave or Queen.” He laughed as if it were a joke.

He stepped over to a table and set the box down, unlatching the traveling coat and pulling it off slowly on his own. “I would dare say it is not a sad thing to be ignorant, it is a foolish thing. Those who hide from truth are destined to have it come for them. Pain always follows. History has made a point of making that clear.” He was dressed in ivory silk shirt, flowing and loose, it was closed with black lacing and around his throat it was gathered and tied softly. His trousers were wool, brushed and fitting with knee high boots cuffed and laced up the back with silver lacing. “The story of Lord Fellstrong is clear on how one can clearly ignore proof of evil, as he ignored the woman he was in love with to his own peril and death. Have you read it before? If not, I can have a copy sent over, so long as you will protect it.” He asked Cordelia as he handed her his coat folded over his arm.

He arched a brow at her second question. “You assume I would know something you do not? You must think me to have eyes in many places.” He laughed and picked up his box, again tucking it under his arm. “Would you please introduce me?” He asked her with a bow of his head.

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