Business As Usual

-The Orchard; Morning of 2 DSTR-

Randel smiled. “I would never take the advice of one who does not put value in themselves. If you do not think you are of value, then what sort of advice could you give.” He pointed out in a warm and friendly manner. “That would go for slave or Queen.” He laughed as if it were a joke.

Cordelia giggled and waved him off. She put far more value in herself than any of the other slaves in the house- call it her fatal flaw. As she waved her hand, the chain jingled with her movements. Taking his coat, she let it rest over her forearm, eyebrows furrowing at the effort in searching through her memory bank the question took. With that much searching to be done, she must have never read it before. Delighted at the offer of a book to read in the privacy of her own room, she smiled brightly and nodded, “I would be honored, and I would guard it with my life.”

Returning the bow, she began walking down the hall, the veils of her skirt swaying with her walk. Resting eyes on Tyreth caused her to blush. Maxine noticed the small look of adoration she had given him, and lowered her own eyes. It was as if the women were competing for a man who couldn’t have any woman he wanted. Clearing her throat, she cleared her senses and turned to Cartwright. “Master Tyreth, this is Randel Cartwright,” returning her gaze back to Tyreth, she offered a smile before lowering her hand of gesture. “He has come to discuss finances and business matters in regard to the Orchard,” she said.

Turning away from the men, she walked back down the hall, her walk abundant with empowerment. Placing his coat on the rack that was in the parlor room, she began to think about whether or not she should prepare drinks for the two. No one liked to discuss business sober, though this memory would only be connected to her previous master. The floor boards creaked slightly at her adjustment of weight on her feet. Leaving the room to walk back towards the women, and now two men, she stopped once she was approximately four feet away from them. "Would you like me to prepare a drink for either one of you?"

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