When there was no offer to take his coat, he did not try and remove it. But stood waiting, and then the boy offered to take his book and box. “As much as I would like to turn these things over to you, they are the focus of our conversation.” He said and looked at Tyreth. “And I would not give it to you until you see fit to talk terms.”

The lad was well bred, raised to privilege and a standard of living, and expected a particular amount of subservience. Perhaps he was approaching this incorrectly.

“You are correct, I did pick a bad time to call on you.” He said as Cordelia walked in with the punch. “It was an error on my part, I assumed you would want to get this business over with as soon as possible. Legally I must attend to these things in a set time frame and as some time has already transpired, I would have thought you would want to see to it.” He gave a polite nod of his head and fitted his hat on his head.

“I know it pains you to think I had made this trip for nothing, but that is not the case, I assure you.” He nodded to Cordelia politely as well. “Shall I expect you in my office this afternoon then? After you are done with your meals, or this evening?”

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