Inside the Box

-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Late evening 2 DSTR-

Demons and Devils are both from the infernal planes and so for the uneducated, they might seem the same; this is as point of fact not the case. The demon is a creature born of chaos and entropy, and thus they are able to such things as change shape and form, some of the more powerful demons transcend reality in this formless nature and become forces of evil themselves. Devils do not have this nature, as they are creatures one can make deals with and pacts, order is in the nature of them. The Devil is one who holds to rules and structure as strongly as the Angelic counter parts, as well as a hierarchy and order of ranks.

This is why Sarx fell to her knees before she knew what she was doing. The leader of the Emerald Scarves was half devil and half fey, a bastard mix not unheard of, passions for both creatures runs high and they do cross paths often, both being creatures of deals and compromise. The woman looked up with her golden eyes to Celestia. “I am Sarx, my Lady.” She said with a look of strained contrition.

All of these clues did not escape Randel as he sat with his wine half way in transit to another drink. The opera played on below, as many things do, the world carries on with a tale and story he knew too well, and here in the box, they had a play of their own. The world here in this box is what mattered, here they were talking and planning and preparing. Down there the people moved and danced as the music played, they were writing the music.

“I am Randel Cartwright, a pleasure.” He said with a nod of his head and a hand reached out to take her free hand and offer a kiss to the back. She was lovely, he was not going to deny it but he was not going to let her know what lusts may be playing in the back of his head or lower in his body. The poet in him was already thinking of poems and sonnets that could be made as he looked at her framed in the crimson hair. That was playing with fire, but it was a flame he could easily be happy perishing in.

Why did his heart always push his mind aside, reason and rational thinking was needed.

Sarx looked up at Randel and then to Celestia, trapped there by the compulsion in her half-blood nature. It was clear she was trying to fight the fact she was compelled, but magic creatures suffered from the constraints of magic, and this was all one needed to know when dealing with them. He had known this about Sarx and knew she did not know this about herself; it was upsetting to have her learn about it in such a humiliating manner.

Her humilitation brought his mind to right and his emotions were in check again.

Randel drained his glass and set it aside. “I would think who I am is not as much an interest as what I am, or more to the point what you desire with me. I do not think I have any current dealing with your kind outstanding.” He said doing a mental check on deals he might have forgotten with any devils.

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