-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Late evening 2 DSTR-

Celestia rested her eyes upon the fallen female. She cocked her head and scanned the individual, her questions answered. The issue with Celestia, was that she had let the entirety of the Devil himself reside within her. He made his bed in her soul, and toyed with her impulses.

“I am Sarx, my Lady,” the woman spoke. Celestia raised a brow in response to the woman’s strained features.

Keeping her orbs planted on Sarx, she lifted her free hand slowly to meet the lips of Randel Cartwright. “The pleasure is all mine,” Celestia whispered.

“Please, return to your seat,” Celestia removed her eyes from the lady and looked down upon the laughter and the synthetic joy. A feeling of pleasure bubbled in her gut, but the pleasure was not her own. Crossing her legs, she raised her chin slightly in thought.

The simple fact that Sarx was half fey and half demon was one to be admired. The fey tend to be their own breed of trouble, seeing themselves far too good to make bed with the Devil. Few and far in between the mix of fey and the devil. She knew exactly why she had been brought here. Half summoned for the interest of her own, and half summon for the interest of Him.

Celestia had never ran into someone who was half devil. She had heard stories about Sarx’s kind. The last time the Devil inside her was free from dwelling within someone, both physically and metaphysically, had been only a few short years. The thought crossed her mind on whether she was tethered to the children of the devils that roamed the earth.

Randel’s words pulled her from her own thoughts, and she landed her golden tempters upon him. Smiling softly at his words, she turned her torso towards him and leaned closer to him. “Hmm,” she purred. Taking another sip from her glass of wine, she let her eyes graze his features over the brim of her glass. Her heart began to ache at her desires that would never be fulfilled, and playing the game with Randel Cartwright seemed to only tug at the strings Simon had hold of. Despite their brief encounter, he had impacted her wholesomely.

Looking back over Sarx, she offered a knowing look and relaxed her posture. “No, you don’t have any current dealings with me, or the one who resides within, but we would like to create one.”

Downing her glass, she leaned towards the table and plucked a few grapes from its stem. “There must be order among us,” Celestia paused and plopped the grape into her mouth, contemplating the possible arrangements before continuing, “and I would like to help you gain that order. I would like to help you further your conquest! Call it, what is it that those pure of heart call it? Ah, yes- a donation of gifts!”

Celestia poured herself another glass of wine, and began sipping on it. Looking over at Sarx, Celestia smirked and bit her lip. “But, you- that I am interested in outside of what I came here for. Who is your father? Carreau? Carnivean? You are very beautiful,” Celestia licked her lips and took another sip of her wine. “Maybe Rosier?”

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