OOC - Last Chance to Submit a Quote

Hey Platformers, tonight is the last night to submit quotes for the 3rd Quote of the Week. Quotes can either be submitted to the original nomination page (link) or to the extension notice page (link). Right now, we have 3 quotes submitted by Blitzen, one quote submitted by GardensTale, and a last one submitted by myself. It would be great for Esimed to have a few more to pick from tomorrow.

I feel like getting people to contribute to this Quote of the Week has been rather difficult. I know the timing of it hasn't been great, due to all the pressure to also nominate stuff for ToS and Squiddies in conjuction with a fairly low level of activity on Ongoing Worlds, however, the low level of participation is really causing me to question the purpose of continuing the Quote of the Week. I was hoping that this would be something you guys would like to do as opposed to just another distraction or obligation. If nobody really enjoys this activity, I don't see a much of a point in continuing it. Let me know what you guys think of the Quote of the Week, and I will weigh whether or not it is worthwhile to have a fourth one or not. Thank you!

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