The Elder Scroll: Prelude To Oblivion is LOOKING FOR PLAYERS

Prelude to Oblivion starts off 3 months before the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII and will continue through the Oblivion Crisis. The main quest will be undertaken by the Heroes of Cyrodiil.

Adventurers and Heroes of Cyrodiil
These characters will be playing through quest lines involving magic, skills, and combat. Some of them will play through the main quest, others can go about various other quests keeping in mind the current dates and events.

For these types of characters, please create a 3rd level Dnd 5e character using Dnd Beyond and join the campaign.

Citizens of Cyrodiil (role play only)
Have you ever wanted to have a house in Cheydinhal, or go hunting in the Colovian Highlands, spend your days gossiping in the Imperial City market district, or even live in squalor with the rest of the folks in the Waterfront District? Have you ever wanted to just live in another world full of lore and not be the adventurer? This is the character for you.

Feel free to create an NCC (non-combat character) if you wish to simply portray the goings on of folk living their day to day lives in the Imperial Province before and during the Oblivion Crisis.

For these types of characters, there is no need to create a character through Dnd Beyond, just choose an Elder Scrolls race, give your character an appropriate name, and give your character some history, then feel free to go about your daily life with a time stamp.

Keep in mind, if you ever get yourself into danger, you would most likely run, hide, or die. If you do decide to fight or charm your way out, make it a real challenge for your character's survival. No god mode or killing off important characters. Don’t drastically change the canon.

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