New Games in December 2021

New Games & Opinions:

Chronicles of Arcadia - H0me brewed fantasy world set in a new frontier and continent, exploring the fates and lives of those brave enough to face its perils. Game started with a bang attracting plenty of OW regulars. Interesting to see where this one goes if I can say so myself. :-D

Blue Dwarf: Re-smegged - This is Avenuewriter, OW regular, 13th active game. He must be going for a record. Moderating thirteen games. Mind-blowing...

ALIEN: Sutter's World - This is not a new game per se but its second season its starting so worth having a look if you like space horror/suspense games. Brought to you by Omni.

And that is it for this month. Don't forget to comment and rate the games above below. See you all next month.

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