The Citadel of the Dead

The day was long and the march through the snow a gruelling one. A deep shadow began to loom out of the haze of snow and cloud to the north and it grew deeper as they approached. Soon it became clear that a great structure lay ahead of them, it could Be nothing other than the home of the Necromancer.

"What demon made this?" Breathed Balar as he took in the sight of the mountainous building. It rose from the ground in great columns of rough hewn stone, its surface snaked with midnight black obsydian. A great stairway of blackened stonework rose up from the frozen earth, up and up towards the pitch black maw of the citadel entrance.

At last they came to a halt at the foot of the enormouse stairway. Each of them peering up at the tortured architecture of the citadel. A fetid reek seemed to hang in the air about them.

"So..." Majvoc broke the silence, "Who's going up there first?"

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