Soul Torn

Jorrik smiled down at Luna, "I am still here little sister." he assured her, "Since my birth I have known the pull of destiny and you, all of you have carried me these last steps."

He looked to the giant then and his face grew stern, "The Ragnarok and the wars that preceded it were the blame of no "one" race, and betrayal held court on every side. I should know brother Jotun for it was my part to watch, and so I did until my end. At the last the fates recovered my broken body and through their arts fed me back into the coil of life, and so I took form once more as the man you knew as Jorrik.

"We go to fight Hel, daughter of Loki who in turn was born of your kin. This harlequin you so hate carries Jotun blood, not Aesir. So tell me true my soul torn friend, where should our doubt be placed?"

"Well this is all very interesting." Majvoc interrupted, "But we have our own date with destiny out there and we need to be getting on with it."

"Odins Balls!" Balar cursed as he looked out of the doorway upon the milling army of dead, as aimless as they were countless they lay between the Sepulchre and the towering structure that could only be the home of Hel herself.

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