What? Joy

“ are you talking about the runes. The ones you said you saw” she asked. Luna turned when she heard Balar and Maverick speak. She looked at the army of the dead. There was still a strange nagging whisper in her ears. It had to be the shadows. They brought her mind back to the weighting at the end of her spell book that she could not read. She shook her head that did not mater now they had to move. She rased her staff to a position redy to fight and called the shadows to help her. Unfortunately the only thing she really know well was magic. Yes she could run, doge, block and conter atack with her staff. But how good would those skills be against and army of undead. Then again there was not Garnett her magic would do her any good ether. “ we don’t have time for this we need to go get Hella before we can not return to the world of the living.” She said shaking her head again.
There was something strange about the words in her spell book some kind of worning perhaps. She did not know she needed to focus on the fight ahead of them. “ Quit wining and do as I camand shadows” she snapped angrily. The outburst was not directed at anyone and she had not ment say the thought out loud but she did.

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