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Summary: A lonely man that is solemnly seclude, suffers from a great deal of pain and abuse just to survive.

Miles Crow

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

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Physical Appearance

His usual apparel of gleaming armor is what everyone sees of him, since he rarely ever removes it. Underneath, he has pale skin, with many scars from an childhood of abuse and strict discipline. He also has burns across his body from when he tried to rescue his friends from a fire. His frost blue, glowing eyes are barely visible through the eye-holes of his helmet. He has wavy blonde hair, although few people ever see it. His smile is pristine white, and he is well built, since he spends his time battling vermin from the darkest reaches.

Personality and interests

Miles is a quiet, shy, but friendly guy. He never had the chance for developing his social skills, so in conversations, he rarely talks. He is rather smart for a man of his size and lifestyle, but that intelligence is raw, and unguided. He is an excellent wood-carver, and is known to make animal figurines, and arrows from wood. He is crafty, and helpful. He will risk his life for those he cares for. He still suffers from nightmares of his past. He prefers silence, sitting alone, and can often be found a distance away from a group of people, weeping away. He has had a hard life, but he is still a big softie on the inside, his shell just needs to be cracked.


He was born into an impoverished family, with little chance of raising a son. Mile's parents sold him as cheap labor to a school for training warriors. Practice dummy's can fetch a fair price. He was abused, and struck with manners of weapons, just to teach warriors how to fight an moving opponent. The only peaceful time he had was when he stayed up at night, carving wood figurines of animals he wishes he can see in real life, not on the drab paintings that lined the walls. That all changed when Miles dared to challenge a warrior in training. He caught the warriors sword mid-swing, yanked it from his hands, and beheaded the warrior with one stroke. He was punished for these actions, in ways he wishes never to speak of. A month later, at the age of 16, he escaped the life of abuse, by breaking out through a that he and a few other practice dummies dug. When they escaped, they traveled north, to the nearest town, to buy armor and supplies with the gold they stole from a trainers stash. That was where Miles bought his armor, knapsack, battle-axe, and a few spell tomes. Miles and his friends bought a small house on the northern front where they ran a mercenary business. He spent most of his off time reading and learning spells.

A few years later, rumors spread of the magic being used, that there were spellswords in the village. So the villagefolk located the source, and set the house aflame. Miles was at the local blacksmith, improving his armor, and sharpening his weapon, when he heard the chanting of the villagefolk. He ran to his home, to find it consumed in flames. He ran into the house, in hopes of saving his friends, but to no avail. All that remained were their burned bodies. He also lost his spell-tomes, and only had the few spells he learned from them. He was about to exit the house, when a beam collapsed, burning his face, chest, and down his left leg. He never did fully recover, when he managed to move the beam, and escape, he used what little magic he could to sell to pains. A day later he returned to the black-smiths to retrieve his items, and along the way was harassed based on his burns. He ignored the people, and instead put on his armor, grabbed his sword, and left.

Ever since that day, he has been traveling, battling bandits, vagabonds, monsters and vermin. Hoping that one day he can find somewhere that he can be accepted, but happiness is elusive.

Starting Equipment

Burnt spell-tomes
Cooked rabbit meat
Peas, a huge pouch of them
A cutting knife
Wood-carving tools.
Steel plate armor
Animal pelts
Wooden animal figurines

Special Skills

He is well skilled with two handed weapons, especially battle-axes.
He uses magic that when casted, gives his weapon elemental powers. As well as empowers his armor and strength. This magic lasts a short length of time and can only be used a couple times a day.
He also has spells that can shoot ice, and partly heal wounds, although these spells are weaker than most other spells.

Darkest Secret

The punishment he received for killing an warrior in training was rather, inappropriate. One of the trainers would tie him up naked, and sexually abuse him for hours on end. One day, Miles killed the trainer in the middle of the night, and hung his body out the window. He ran away that same night.

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