Theo had seen the portal open as he dodged attacks from an enraged Erik, hoping to make his way to it.
When the others fell and the earth became frigid dirt once more, Theo felt truly cursed.
The skin shifter that had attacked them was in a rage as well, apparently he had a personal grudge against them.
Fueled by grief and anger, Erik payed little attention to what was going on around him, only wanting to crush the man who had so many times gotten in their way.
He failed enough, one would think he would have given up by now.
Another roar filled the woods as Erik sought to smash Theo again, this time being attacked by a massive wolf. Pain tore through his arm as it found purchase on his shoulder, but quickly learned its error when the jotun savagely ripped it in half trying to get it off.
The wolf broke his concentration, giving his mind clarity and allowing him to see what happened.
His kin seemed to have been killed based on the head and hand nearby and his friends were gone. Gone..
He looked to see the failed assassin trying to get his attention. Although not trusting him, he saw another man that was currently charging him with bestial growls.
Glaring at Theo, the two made a silent deal and ran for their lives into the cold dawn.

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