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Summary: Warrior-type, enjoys drinking and exchanging tales around a campfire. Plays a mean reed flute.

Jorrik Jorriksson III

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: People of Midgard




Warrior (looking to learn about magic)



Physical Appearance

Dark bags under glacier-blue eyes, a pale face framed by black hair and a ragged beard. 6ft, little bit chubby but fairly stocky.

Personality and interests

Enjoys sitting by a fire, exchanging tales and wineskins with companions, and at times (if he's had a few too many) he'll dance and sing with the minstrels.

Doesn't like stirring up trouble but refuses to stand aside when innocent people are in danger. Above all a pragmatist, and will do what he needs to survive, even if he has to betray his friends to do so.


Obsessed with the runes he saw as a child, he doesn't see them as regularly now. Wants to learn more about magic so he can understand why he sees them. It's something he doesn't share with people, as the last time he did he was brought before a priest and nearly had his eyes torn out so the priest could eat them and gain 'The Sight'. He was a boy at the time.

Since then, Jorrik has been on the run, surviving on his wits and his sword arm, trying to learn more about the runes... and what they mean.

Starting Equipment

Iron helmet and leather studded armour, sword, shield, hunting knife, shortbow and 20 arrows, tinderbox, torches, rope and a wineskin. Oh and a reed flute.

Special Skills

Can play a mean tune or two on his flute... and whilst they're distracted, knock em out with a chair!

The Sight sometimes shows him things he shouldn't know, like one time in the middle of a blizzard they told him of a cave he could shelter in.

Darkest Secret

Heard the ancient legends of how Odin went on a vision quest to learn of the runes which is how he discovered magic... Jorrik thinks maybe he could do the same thing. One of the reasons he keeps his 'Sight' such a secret.

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Image of Jorrik Jorriksson III
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