The air grew thick with power as the realm of death became aware of the new claimant to its throne. There was a distant rumble of thunder that grew as the companions turned to look upon Caligari. Heimdall came to kneel before her and Balar seeing the import of what had happened lowered his head.

A breeze began to move through the garden of Hel growing in strength as the moments passed by. Cali sat imperious on her throne and she seemed to be more the goddess and less the witch with every second. The wind began to howl and then it was more than the wind... the howl of a beast. One or many it was not clear.

The sky grew dark and the rumbling of thunder was close now. Through the distant trees pin pricks of glowing light could be seen. Eyes watching them. Hundreds of pairs of golden eyes.

"What is this?" Balar cried out lifting his axe.

"The claim has been challenged." Heimdall rose from his knees and turned to face the distant shadows. All around them wolves began to step out of the darkness. Hundreds and hundreds of wolves. They snarled and drooled hungrily but kept their distance.

"Who is it?" Balar asked as he stood over Tiellas sleeping form axe in hand.

Lightning split the sky and forked down to strike the earth before them. Once, twice, three times and then as the dust and smoke settled a man could be seen walking towards them. Not a man. A God, or a Giant. He was the equal of Heimdall and Erik in size and stature. He wore simple clothes and his ragged brown hair and beard were unkempt.

"Fenrir." Heimdall gasped, the Aesir stepped to Balars side and thrust Hofund into his hands, taking the axe in exchange.

"He must not have that blade." the voice of the god came to Balars mind rather than his ears and he looked at Heimdall with confusion.

"I has been an honour my friend." Heimdall grasped Balars shoulder briefly and walked to meet the wolf god.

"It is true? Have you killed my sister?" Fenrirs voice was raw with grief and closer now Balar could see the tears staining his cheeks.

Heimdall glanced back to Cali and spoke directly to her mind, "Use what power you have to flee this place. I am truly sorry, I thought.. Fenrir will kill you all for what has happened here, he will..."

"Answer me!" Fenrir snarled.

"Aye it is true."

Heimdall did not have time to utter another word as Fenrir launched himself forward with inhuman speed. Heimdall raised an arm to ward off the attack but Fenrir shoved it aside and slammed into the Aesir with unholy rage. Heimdall cried out as Fenrir sank his teeth into his throat and tore away the flesh spraying blood all about them. He tore and clawed and savaged the god until he lay bleeding beneath him...unmoving.

All around the wolves charged in. A sea of claws and fangs.

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