One Down

Not taking the time to realize the irony in saying the word with concern, Kespin reached the side of the maw and searched for Majvoc. For a moment he began to bubble with laughter, insanity beginning to reclaim him.
This was quickly ended by the largely absent Dyvia, clutching her gut and leaning forward after giving the old man a fist to the jaw.
"Can't.. can't lose you now."
Trying to give a dry chuckle, the dwarf was sent to her knees as pains overcame her. Although Hel was a frigid realm, sweat rolled off her forehead. Kespin quickly took her away from the portal and set her down, doing his best to reach Balar in quick fashion.
"You can hate me later, but it looks like you need this."
Using the shard's last vestiges of energy he wove a spell that glowed a shimmering silver. Pressing it to the warriors chest, the energy flowed through his veins.
"Won't fix things like your wife could, but you won't hate yourself as much in the morning."
Erik barely heard Sigrid and Majvoc fall into the maw, but looked to see that his first foe was gone. A foe that was his to kill, to destroy, and it was Hel's fault for taking his attention away from that fight. His eyes bore a fiery glow and his voice sounded like thunder.
"Hel! Now fear in your final hour! You shall bear the wrath of Ancients!"
Breaking her defense and grabbing her head, he began slamming it into the ground.

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