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Summary: A musical thief


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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: People of Midgard




A rogue/thief disguised as a bard


Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Tall and thin, Majvoc has little muscle on his frame. He is agile and can move himself around with ease, but any heavy lifting he struggles to do. Or refuses to do, whatever the case may be.

He has a short sharp beard on his face, and icy blue eyes set against his pale white skin. His face is thin and gaunt, with his mouth curled into a smug smirk most of the time.

Personality and interests

Majvoc looks out for himself first. After being orphaned at a nomadic caravan camp, he learned that he had to make sure he was fed and warm before he should try to help anyone else. And sometimes you've got to steal from others to ensure that.

And so, as a result, Majvoc became a fairly competent thief. Done his time in a jail or two, sure, but he is still a cut above the average highway robber. Greed had begun to boil within him, and now he steals not only to keep himself warm and fed but for the thrill of it too. He keeps a code of only stealing from the rich, and will on occasion do it for a poor family, although it is not unknown for him to break this guideline.

As for interests, Majvoc learned to the trade of the bard from his life in the nomads' camp. Even though it primarily serves as a cover for when he drifts from inn to tavern to inn, it is something he does genuinely enjoy. He primarily plays the whistle, but also is skilled in the lute and fiddle, and can sing better than most druken tavern folk.


Majvoc's parents were nobodies. A drunken housecarl for some lowly lord and a tavern wench trying to make a bit of extra money on the side. His mother knew full well that she would never be able to support a child on her income. Neither did she want him to grow up in the tavern where she worked. Instead, she left him in a basket at the nomad camp outside her hometown. They took him in, but never gave him a family. He worked as a slave, but it was better than trying to survive the disease, poverty, crime and corruption that ran rampant in the city.

He grew up learning the bard's trade, but invested time in learning how to steal a purse too. Eventually, he was able to walk around the city pickpocketing what he needed with ease - and performing the occasional break in as well. But a cocky attitude soon landed him in his first of many stints in jail. On one occasion, a particularly angered noble who was upset over the theft of a prized golden bee, Majvoc was asked to join the local lord's militia as an archer. It wasn't much of a question as if he had answered no then it would have been the gallows for him.

And so Majvoc learned to use the bow and fought in a campaign against the lord's enemies. It didn't take long for him to desert, however, and he took the bow with him.

Now Majvoc drifts from town to town, performing for the patrons and swiping coin and valuables while they sleep. Then he disappears into the night, never to be seen again.

Starting Equipment


Special Skills

Skilled thief
Competent archer

Darkest Secret

He is searching for the devil after seeing him on the field of battle the day he fled, hoping to make himself a god.

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Image of Majvoc
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