That would be no then...

Hela snapped her fingers and the orbs burst asunder... lost forever,

"Very well and what of you brave Jotun, what of..."

The sharp zip of a flying arrow and the dull meaty thud of it striking home left them all standing momentarily in shock. The arrow caught Hela between the eyes and sent the child hurtling to the ground with a violent force and a spray of gore.

"No fucking deals!"

They turned to see Majvoc standing, supported by Tiella. He was still drenched in blood from head to toe.


Sigrid screamed with wild rage and charged Heimdal while all around them the image of the garden began to flicker and fade into a desolate landscape of shadow and rot. The pool of water churned and turned putrid before sinking away into an endless maw of eldritch horror.

From the earth beneath their feet the dead rose. A multitude of rotting corpses clawing their way to freedom, and above it all the wail of a vengeful goddess readying her assault.

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