Killing in the name of....

The orbs of necrotic energy that had been eluding Caligari flared up in her hands as soon as Hela cried out and collapsed to her knees. Whatever weakened the Queen of the underworld had released Cali’s familiar spirits to follow their hearts or more likely, they saw a shift in the tide of the battle and wanted to be on the side with the latest edge. Either way, now was the time to push the advantage. But she couldn’t attack from her current location within the wards, not unless she wanted to hit the Jotunn in the process.

Cali cocked her head as she considered it. No - that was a treacherous tactic, especially when they were still engaged in combat with Hela. She turned to Kespin and the others, “We must strike now. If you have it in you, follow me. Or stay here and watch over the fallen. The wards should hold, for a time.”

The witch joined Erik (and who else?) at Hela’s body. It was unnerving seeing the size of that body up close. Humanoid and beautiful, but larger than could be believed; her head alone was too large to fit within Garm’s maw. The goddess was clearly contending with more than the Jotunn’s assaults, but she was not entirely prone or defenseless. Despite it all Cali felt … reluctance. She did not want to strike at this woman; this goddess. It did not seem right to turn against her now. Cali turned to the giant and raised an arm to cast the orbs of black magic his way instead. Her other hand clutched at the arm and struggled to redirect it. The spirits of ancient kings materialized before her and stood in the path, blocking the Jotunn from her view. Well, some of him; he was a rather large giant.

One spirit in particular spoke firmly to her, though the others stood at his shoulders in support. “You have contended with Hela’s control over the dead your entire life. Do not do her will now when you are so close to destroying her. Focus on what your heart tells you is right, do not listen to the lies she whispers. She is cunning and slippery, but you know what you must do.”

Cali blinked as she struggled with the compulsion. She darted to the left to circumvent those spirits, but the dead were never to be avoided, not for someone who saw them in every moment. Finally it was Garm, bumping into her, that drew her attention from the Jotunn. Garm eyed the witch and nudged her arm. He kept pushing her towards Hela until Cali’s mind was clear again.

“The stoneless wolf she listens to,” muttered the king.

Cali unleashed the orbs at Hela and Garm darted in to make ferocious bites while the witch summoned two more spheres. When the giant wolf jumped back Cali blasted Hela again. But she knew necrotic magic was not going to slay the Goddess of Hel. They would need a more powerful weapon for that.

“Where is that all seeing Heimdall?! Can he not see we need his blade?”

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