Quint woke hungry, thirsty, and needing to relieve herself. She had a force hangover form having pushed herself. She needed to tell Mar that his warp signature was changed and the engine would run better that it ever had. She did not wish to tell him that she pushed herself further than she should have. “Do or don’t do, there is no try.” She said sitting up on the cot. There also was adage of “if you put to much current through a filament, it glowed really bright then pops.”

While the engine would work and she did not kill herself, pride pushed her. She knew it after the fact, she did not want to talk about it with Mar. He was something she was not sure of. Rowan would say something therapeutic like, “Don’t be a jackass next time,” or “If you pull another stunt like that, I’ll shoot you myself.”

She went found the head, then and found the others talking,

She felt like she had been chewing on a Wookiee’s fur.

“Engine is fixed. It should give you more speed and it has a new signature,” she wanted to have the ramifications of that slide past everyone’s attention, “Be careful as t may run a little hotter than before,” she said like what was done was a normal repair.

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