A teen missing on Peria (part 9)

Roxor looked at Alyssa, perceiving the fiery of her young age.
"I can't guarantee we won't have this firefight. We'll intend to avoid it by saying that Wilanto comes to check that everything is ok. It's not uncommon to see the owner controlling his shipment." Answered the bounty hunter.

He continued: " We know they're hiding something. If only two of us go in, they'll still feel that they're in control of the situation. I'll send my inquisitor droid to hide on the rooftop. Its blaster is not very impressive, but it's accurate. You'll take a covered position from where you have a good line of sight. Wilanto and I will try to gather information. If something goes wrong, we won't have the numbers, but we'll have the position. I want you to pin them down."

Wilanto, a bit worried, said: "I'll be in the middle of this with you, but I don't have this armor of yours. I don't want to be a sitting duck in the middle of this if things go bad."

"You won't because you won't be wearing any visible weapon. You are the merchant, and I am your bodyguard. Keep your Z2 well hidden. They'll first shoot at the threats." Answered Roxor with confidence.

Wilanto wasn't 100% convinced, even if Roxor knew his business. Not a very funny perspective to be in the middle of a firefight, but the possibility of losing this shipment was a motivation powerful enough to keep going with the plan.

Alysa went apart from the group to try to sneak around without being seen. Wilanto and Roxor advanced directly through the hanger. They arrive at the entrance, ignore the Gammorean leaned nonchalantly upon the wall, and head on straight forward to the two men who were talking close to the cargo ship. Every head there inside turned to watch them. Another Gammorean took a big axe and moved forward intending to intercept them. However, the human using body armor immediately stopped him with a simple hand gesture. It was clear this armored guy was in charge.

"Hi guys! " said Wilanto with a datapad in his hands. "I'm coming to check my lading." Roxor was just beside him, his body completely covered with the Arelik armor, wearing a very uncommon pistol on each side of his belt.

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