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Summary: A former top class Bounty Hunter known for his principles. He's becoming old and close to retirment.

Roxor (Ethan Ethilrist)

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Gender: Male

Age: 49

Group: Bounty Hunter


Etti (near human)


Trained in many standards weapons, he's specialised in non killing weapons (paralysing, electric, net, metalic throwing rope,...). He's known to avoid killing any prey, and generally always offering a chance of surrender. Those who don't are treated roughly. But now Roxor works nearly only on retriving missions for rich individuals (kidnapping, ...)

He's also administrator of House Benelex's information network. He has aquired a lot of contacts in a lot of places, especially in the Corporate sector where he used to be the local repesentative of the House. Now is close to retirement as a Bounty Hunter, and works much more using the House contact network and sending younger Bounty Hunters to the hunts.


House Benelex's board of director's member. (In charge of the contacts network).

Senior member of the Bounty Hunter's guild.

Physical Appearance

1m95 tall, quite thin among human standards but quite strong for an Etti. His pale blue skin doesn't take anything of his attractive face, even if the age begins to take his due.


Well educated and pleasant, even during the work. He tries to make a good impression on others and break the image most people have on Bounty Hunters.

He has had a hard time when he was young but became very successful in his career by always analyzing the risk/reward of each bounty.
He never accept an illegal contract nor an assassination one. He always tries, whenever is possible, to abide by the local laws and obtain local hunting and/or weapon carrying where they are necessary, which is rarely a difficult task using the right contacts and House Benelex's reputation.

He's a guy that circumstances put on that position, who tend to be kind but knows when to be rough. He relaxes his nerves by beating up criminals who resist arrest or people who abduct kids. He assures that people won't take revenge by injecting them a drug that has close to no effect on someone, but stays residualy inside the brain for years, and combined with another drug causes craziness. No one knows if this is real, but what is known is that the former head of a pedophile network who rapted the wrong child and is now unable to even feed or shit by himself.


Born on Etti IV, capital of the Corporatist Sector, his father was a security guard of a big corporation. Both his parents died in a terrorist attack when he was 13, and he was forced to find a job on the spacedocks. He took his father's non lethal weapon and learn to use them, using holovids first. One day he recognized a wanted individual announced by holonet, and using the fact that no one pay attention to a child. He neutralized the guy with an electroc devise and won his first bounty that way.

After 11 years of beeing first an assistant, then a full fledged and sanctioned Bounty Hunter, Ethan, better known as Roxor, was noticed by House Benelex and became his youngest full member at the age of 24.

Ascending inside the House, he began to travel outside the Sector, becoming one of the top hunter of the House, using and doing many contacts around the galaxy.

Now he's thinking about retiring, but the changes in the galaxy still require his talents. Now he spend most of his time managing contracts and helping House members by using its contacts network. He has invested all his savings into the House Benelex, so while they go well, he goes well too. One or 2 more years and he'll retire entirely from active hunting.

Special Items/Ships

*Arelik armor( Targeting computer with Scomp-Link to weapons to help targeting bounties database + visual identifier inside the helmet)
*Surveillance Pod
*Audio pickup
*Comm scanner
*SureSnoop Tracking Device
*Sensor No-show
*Biodegradable Binders
*Mastercraft security kit
*Disguise kit
*CL-3 Droid command link
*Dissuasion Field Belt

*B2-X Positronic Processor(assistant droid)
*Moon Moth Spy Droid
*M-TD Translator droid
*Mark VII Inquisitor droid

- vibro dagger (concealed)
-electro blade
-Hand-Held contact stunner(concealed)
-Z2 Stun Baton
-Sleep inducer pistol
-Neural inhibitor pistol
-Merr-Sonn Anti-Riot Tangle Gun
-Dart shooter(with strong paralizing toxins)
-Wrist-Mounted flame Projector

-C-14A Stun Grenade (2)
-Glop Grenade
-Smoke Grenade

Items/Ship Descriptions

He doesn't own a ship, as he's never learned to pilot one.

He has access to more items through the House, by generaly carries these when he's on a hunting mission.

His equipment is nearly always in perfect conditions. He usually relies on droids to do what he can't do by himself. He finds them more reliable than living beeings for simple and routine tasks.

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Image of Roxor  (Ethan Ethilrist)
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