Chapter 5: All bets are off (part 3)

Ragnar heard a crunch behind him preceded by the unmistakable sounds of a droid moving his way. It hadn’t sounded like metal crunching, more like bone, so he hoped that was good for his overall cause = survival. His opponent was able to see whatever caused the crunch, froze a millisecond, which gave Ragnar his chance. A calculated and practiced finishing move, he grabbed his foe by the collar and his belt and hoisted him up, crashing him down and knocking him out.

Still, not hearing a blaster shot, call to ‘halt’ or feeling an attack from behind, he continued to ignore the ‘crunch’ and looked toward the pilot who was almost at their X-wing. He looked around him, saw a wrench laying on a cart nearby, grabbed it and flung it and thankfully saw it catch the target in the back of the head.

He took a deep breath and turned slowly.

“Nice throw meatbag,” the droid said.

“Even a blind fathier can sometimes find a hay bale,” Ragnar said with a shrug.

There was an awkward pause and Ragnar hoped the downed mechanic would awaken soon or the droid might decide to tie up all ‘loose ends”…

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