A call for help

As serenity ran throw the forest she could hear the storm troupers getting closer. She eventuality found herself sarongs by troupers and was forced to ignite her lightsaber. As she did so she saw the image of a Jedi master the walls of a ship. The vision was not clear she could not tell if it was the past or future she was seeing. The visual broke as a blaster built hit her in the side. It hit her right side low just below her rib cage and did not go deep. The burn hurt though.

As the troupers continued to open fire she used her lightsaber to deflect the blaster fire. Most went harmless into the trees a few hit the stormtroopers who fired at them. She looked around as she did this spotting some more tree limbs above her if she used the force she just might be able to reach it. She used the force push to sent several of the troupers off the branches they were standing on before reaching out to the force and jumping.

She barely made the jump scrambling for foot and hand holds before finally getting to the other side of the branches. She continued to run through the forest ignoring the pain in her side she continued to run. She reached out to the force pleading. Desperately for help as she heard the scream of tie fighters above her no doubt looking for now. She could not keep running by herself for ever she needed help.

Could the Jedi master she saw be alive? Was the force trying to tell her something she did not know. She had never had a vision though the force. She did not know what she did know is it lead to her getting hurt and may berry well lead to her captor and possibly the end of her journey. If help did not come soon.

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