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Summary: A stern-looking Jedi master looking for company

Anto Tyandas

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Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: Jedi




Race: limited precognition
Race: limited telepathy
Jedi: The force, master level
Jedi: Lightsaber combat, prefers form V: Shien/Djem So
Piloting skills, nothing to brag about


Jedi Master

Physical Appearance

Anto is a near human with thick, leathery redish skin, no hair and two big horns that bends down over his shoulders. His hands and fingers are larger than a humans would be, which makes him unsuitable for precision jobs like fiddling with electrical wiring and such.
He usually has a stern expression on his face, which makes him look a bit scary (with the horns and all).
Unlike some Jedi in hiding, he has not given up on his robes. On the other hand, he has stuck to the outer rim where most people wouldn't recognize a Jedi if it chopped your arm off with a lightsaber.


Anto doesn't speak much, which feeds into the image of him being a scary person. This is in direct opposition to his true nature, which is very warm and caring, you just have to learn to interpret his way of saying very much with very little, and to accept the strange images that might pop into your head as you converse.
Anto is strictly old school Jedi like his master before him. The basic morals and philosophy of the Jedi order, and the force, is what guides him.


Anto was taken as a child and brought into the Jedi order like thousands others. He was trained in the basics then handed off to a master, a Rodian by the name of Otapo. Otapo was hard, but fair and trained Anto with great care, making sure he was fully competent in one area before moving on to the next. They got along very well and respected each other.
Anto became a master just before the clone wart began and received the rank of general almost immediately. He believed the battlefield would be a perfect place to train his own padawan, a human named Trello from Coruscant. In the beginning it went fine, Trello's combat abilities skyrocketed, but he quickly lost sight of the philosophy.
Trello fell to the dark side mid-battle, overcome by rage he turned his saber on anyone who came to close, even his master. It was with a heavy heart Anto incapacitated his apprentice and had him executed on the spot. There was no time for a trial.
Anto survived Order 66 thanks to the Force, or luck, take your pick. He'd been out on a scouting mission alone when the order had come and when he headed back his precognition ability kicked in and showed him clone troopers opening fire on him as he returned. With that information, and the knowledge that between his born ability and the Force, there could be little doubt, he instead deserted. The clones reported him as MIA, searched his area for a few days and then gave up. As they were out looking for him, Anto snuk into his base, stole a small ship and left for the Jedi temple on Curoscant, but was stopped by Obi-Wan and Yoda's message to stay away. Since then he has been planet-hopping along the outer rim, searching for work to earn a living, searching for other Jedi, and waiting for a signal from Yoda or Obi-Wan.

Special Items/Ships

Dual phase Lightsaber.
Spaceship - light freighter.

Items/Ship Descriptions

Lightsaber - A simple hilt that basically looks like wrapped leather straps with an emitter in one end. The blade normally shines yellow.
Being dual phase, Anto can activate a switch which activates a second circuit leading to a second, blue kyber crystal. This effectively doubles the length of the blade instantly and also changes its colour to green.

Spaceship - A 3-Z light freighter, based on a precursor to the legendary YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon), but upgraded by an outsourced contractor for a more competitive market. It basically performs just like your standard light freighter complete with living quarters.

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