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Joint Post: Meleck, Red, Halvtand, and Lil
Rowan looks to see who follows him. As he starts to pass the droids “hay bucket heads that's pointless.” when he got to the edge of town he yelled at the droids still moving tactically. “Send a representative if you would I still might pay you for information.” he says walking to his ship. Arriving he waited for the others looking to see who might be watching.

The 8 droids call out in unison. “Will will send coordinates for a more private meeting.” Before filing onto the ship in a quick and ordered fashion, the Flarestar then taking off shortly thereafter. As rowan boards his ship he receives a communication from the droids with coordinates somewhere in the desert.

Rowan acknowledges the message sets the course and waits for the others.

Quint followed too the ship and muttered under her breath, just loud enough for Rowan to hear, “or ambush us.”
She asked Rowan, “Want me to give them the tour?” as she took some of the parts from Red.
Phrases like “Nice!” and “I didn’t think you would find this.” came from the Jedi. She was eager to work on the ship.

“ Master Quint, have you known The Mandolorian long?” Serenity asked Quint.

Quint smiled and said, “Not long.” She said as she turned a part over looking at the connectors. “His music is a bit old old, his ship is in fairly good shape, and his droids are a bit sassy,” she said. “I think there are many people he would rather shoot than look at,” she continued. “I think I would trust him with my life,” she whispered. She enjoyed the teasing banter.

“I would not know much about music I know some of Master Parens favorite songs” she said with a smile.

“Hey old timer, do you think you could give me 20 minutes in space powered down to install a couple of these parts?” She yelled up to Rowan.

“Space?, NO! We are headed to the desert got meet up with the stupid droids and maybe get the information I need or take it not sure yet” Rowan yelled back.

RED-1 looks in at Quint and Serenity can we do it on the repairs on the ground if you need help I can assist you” said the Droid politely.

Serenity inches closer to her master. She was unsure of red and watched the droid carefully. “Is he safe to be around?” she asked referring to red. She was not trying to be rude. Past experience had taught her not to trust droids.
“Depends” Anto replied “Standard droids are usually pretty trustworthy, but if they’ve gone too long without being memory wiped they’ll start developing personalities and the whole thing will get… Complicated”

“The ship said,” Quint started then stopped herself, “One of the shield generators will be easier to access in zero gravity,” she said. “Red and I can take care of “ she stopped as her protocol droid came out holding a Ratish creature by the neck. Quint did what came naturally, she screamed. It was a scream of someone who knew they could kill the rodent, but did not want to get her hands dirty. She pushed Serenity behind Red-1 and Master Anto.

“ you hurting it” Serenity said. She came round the two jedi and red.” stop it don't hold him like that” she yelled trying to take the animal from the droid. She was upset by how ruff the droid was with the animel. Anto made a move to grab her shoulder to stop her, critters aboard space ships were notorious for their persistence and sometimes aggression. Some of them could chew straight through plasteel like it was cloth and could potentially pierce the hull and destroy the ship. The amount of ghost ships out there, completely functional apart from a tiny hole somewhere, some still on auto-pilot and arriving to their destinations lifeless was just too spooky. A creature that could bite through space craft material would be able to bite through Serenity’s flesh and bones like air.

Annie spoke up, “I don’t think so.” She said a little taken back and letting Serenity have the rat. “It did try to bite me and it was chewing on some of the cargo,” the droid said and continued, “I think it has sand fleas.”

“ Did you come at it from above its prey and they probably thought you were trying to eat it” she said cradling the animal in her arms and petting it. Anto was watching her from a few steps away, the creature strangely enough, wild as it probably was, seemed to be very relaxed in her arms.

Quint said, “Annie, these are new friends. Master Anto and his apprentice Serenity” She still was using Anto as a shield. If the creature was a lightsaber wielding dark sith ratish thing, then she would have remained calm till after it had been disposed of.

“ What are you so afraid of ? it's friendly” she said happily petting the now sleeping rat. She did not understand Quint’s fear at all.

RED-1 stepped forward and said “that rodent needs to be disposed of. Before people get sick or it destroys any equipment I can do it.” said the droid holding out its big hand.

“Don't you touch him. I won't let you hurt him” Serenity said glaring at red. She held her hand out warningly.It was clear she was going to protect the now sleeping animal.

RED-1 steps back and lowers his hands “I can not kill any sentient being or life form unless it is a threat to life or wellbeing. This is my programming and can not be changed. I am a medical rescue droid not a battle droid. I am just looking out for your well being and good health” it said. The droid looks closer at Serenity “If you have a problem with this, talk to Master Rowan.” it turns and walks a few steps away then stops not turning around it says “if I see that thing out walking around by itself for safety reasons I will have to terminate it.

Quint looked at the ratish thing and said, “Just get it out of here before it starts chewing on wires and kills us all.”

“ I’ll let him go when we get to where we are going. For now I’ll keep him safe” serenity said with a smile.

The lights flicker as the engines start up the wine of the systems could be heard. The ship shifts some as it lifts into the air hovering for a moment as the sand blows everywhere making it hard to see. As the sand clears the ship fly’s off towards the desert coordinates that were given. After a few seconds the ship is flying smoothly. Rowan pushes a button on the comms panel there is a beep throughout the ship. “ETA, in ten, be ready for anything” said Rowan then another beep throughout the ship as he pushed the panel again.

Quint handed her precious box to Annie and said, “Stow this for me.” Annie, her protocol droid, introduced herself to Anton and Serenity and headed off to stow the box.

Quint she started checking her weapons and grabbing a tool box. If given a chance she would try to fix the linkage on the droid.
“Want someone in a turret?” She sent over the comms.

The best part of stationary gunnery was, non moving ships and droids were much easier to hit at point blank range. She really did not want to shoot them till after she had a chance to figure out their hive protocol. She would rather upgrade them than shoot them, if they were on her side.

She looked at Serenity and smiled and said, “The rat thing just peed on you.”

“ That happens I can clean up later” she said smiling. As if she was not bothered at all.
After watching Serenity and the critter from a distance, the Jedi Master took a few steps forward “You seem to handle that animal pretty well. How did you know what to do with it?”

“Um...Well on the planet you found me on there were a lot of animals similar. Pray animals tend to behave the same way. If you keep them close and are calm they usually relax because they feel safe. But i'm not really sure.” she Said with a smile.
Anto observed Serenity as she spoke, to her it was so simple, she probably didn’t even think about it at all. He looked over at Quint, and then back to Serenity.
“You know, her reaction is not unwarranted. Most people would rather fight wolves than one of these. Yet you just pick it up and it feels safe in your embrace…”

“I guess” she said confused.” the react to the energy you project. Master youse to say if they know you fear them they will attack you?” she said turning her head sideways wondering why Master Anto was surprised.
“Oh, it takes more than a calm demeanor to not get mauled by one of those normally. Quin keeps her distance because they attack unprovoked and will seldom let anyone get away without drawing blood.” Anto said and gave a small nod to indicate the critter, happily curled up into a ball in Serenity’s arms.
“It is not unheard of that some Jedi develop certain… Gifts, did Master Paren tell you about this?”

“I know about the force push, pull, and jump do those count” She asked she was not sure what he was talking about. It was likely she knew but was unable at the moment to recall the information.

“It’s… Similar, in a way.” Anto said and found a spot nearby to sit down so he could collect his thoughts. “All Jedi can use the Force, and with training it can give us certain abilities. Moving things around from afar, running unnaturally fast or even.. Feeling things that we cannot see or hear. Most Jedi can work with these abilities to some degree even if some people develop specialities. But there is an even greater talent awarded to only a lucky few Jedi. There doesn’t seem to be any rules for these talents, but they all turn out to be very powerful if used correctly. I once knew a Jedi who could instantly understand how a piece of machinery worked, even if she’d never seen it before. By a look she could tell what it was, what it was doing and not only if it was malfunctioning, but also what was wrong and how to fix it.” He paused to let the story sink in for a second.

“ oh that kind of special ability, master Paren told story’s about a Jedi who could feel or was it see events that were canected to object” serenity said. She turned her head sideways “you don’t think I have a special ability do you.” She asked confused

“Coming from a Jedi, the term supernatural seems almost laughable, but the Force had granted her an ability that the rest of us cannot even begin to understand. Seeing how you can just pick up and calm down an animal that would lunge at the throat of other people… It makes me wonder if the Force has not granted you a similar ability” Anto explained.

“ But master I lived isolated in a huge forest for some years. With my only companions being the animals” she said. She passed it was true that the animals did not act the same way around her master then they did around her . She shook her head. “ I could not be it has to have something to do with my living isolated in that forest for so long” she said. In disbelief she did not want any special ability’s. She feared that would make her a bighter target and put Masters Anto and Quint in more danger.

“To a certain extent, yes. Living with the animals as you did would give you some knowledge about them, what they like and not… But no. There’s something else at work here. That critter would’ve bitten your finger off if you hadn’t been…. You.” Here he paused for a second, looking at Serenity’s expression. “Don’t worry about it, it is a very good thing. There are many animals in the galaxy that are now, much like the Force, your allies. Trust them, look out for them and they will look out for you.”

“Do you have such an ability, Master” she asked.

As the ship came into the coordinate location of the droid ship Rowan radioed ahead and let them the ship was inbound but got no reply form the droid ship. He reached over activating the comms panel “we are here preparing for landing, Guns turrets up at the ready, Rowan out.” said Rowan.

Quint smiled, thinking back to her own teacher having a similar conversation. But her conversation was more about the evils of using the force with and on technology. Then the conversation always went to the damage done by allowing your emotions to influence the force. Even Quint’s battle senses were geared more towards the weapon technology. The people were there, she could feel them and sense their intentions, but she knew when weapons were going to fire. She was even more intune with droids. People and animals were complex.

Quint grabbed her tool kit and her lightsaber and waited for Rowan. She was expecting him to tell her to stay with the ship or to go sit in a turret and wait.

Seeing the area was empty Rowan drifted the ship to the right bringing all guns to bear on the landing area. The landing zone area was hidden in some outcroppings in a hole nearby there was not much room to land but he set the ship down with not much room from the dirt walls. As the ship landed it kicked sand up all over making it hard to see at first. He cut the engines but left the Auxiliary power unit on to power weapons and shields. He walked back to the commons area. “we are here, everyone stay alert. Who is going with me?” asked Rown.
“ I’ll come along, I need to send this little angel home anyway” serenity said with a smile.
Quint nodded and said, “I’ll come.” She picked up her tools.
Rowan went into the back coming back out with just his gun belt on with two holstered 2 DE-10 heavy blaster pistols walking to the ramp he unlocked it and lowered the ramp he looked back at the others then started down the ramp still near the ship he stopped and looked over the landing area. “We wait here until they tell show up” said Rowan. He leaned against a landing strut and waited with the others for the droid to show up.
“ I'm going to let this guy go unless you want him to stay on your ship longer” Serenity teased as she left the ship's ramp. She walked a few feet away from the ship. “ not you go home and stay of Rownan’s ship.” she said as she put the animel down. He took off stopping briefly to look back at Serenity before continuing on. Serenity returned to the ship after the animal was gone.
After about an hour Rowan let out a sigh. He touched his communicator on his arm. “Red1” he said into it. after a moment the droids voice could be heard. “Yes, master Rowan” answered the droid. Rowan look at the others. “check for ships in the area” Rowan ordered. After a moment RED-1 replied “No ships in the area Master Rowan” said the droid. “Thanks RED” said Rowan.
He turns to the others “there not coming we lost that lead I should have known that was going to happen” says Rowan.

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