That's unsettling

Joseph had no idea what was happening, he only saw flashes. A splatter of blood here, a dead man there, the face of an enraged man. He simply had no idea what he was doing, but he knew he must stop it. The new voice in his head spoke loudly, "Kill all of them, leave nothing behind, kill ever single rotten human to exist." As Joseph plunged the blade into the man's throat and twirled it, decapitating him, he turned to face the savior. His body was about to advanced on him, however Joseph finally broke from the trance, "No."
The voice disappeared, his blade and mark stopped glowing, his eyes returned to their normal color. As for the cracks that went down his eyes, they became small cuts, which quickly scabbed. He looked around at the area, "What in the high sky?" He saw his carnage, it actually freaked him out so much, he vomited. He fell to his knees and collapsed on the snow, unconscious. Joseph's world became black.
Elsewhere, Draken was slumbering in a small house of a ruined village, waking up from a dream. He saw a man with the Mark if the Accursed, which was odd because he never truly completed the spell, unless.....someone found his old journal and the blue prints of the spell. He smiled at the idea, "Changing times are a lot closer, aren't they Vala and Mali.

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