Taking what's left.

Sunder had lost sight of the girl. Judging her direction he knew she was fleeing for the shelter of the fort. He watched as Jeke dealt with the final church knight, noting his skill in combat. He also noted the man seemed to only fight if needed, and only used sufficient force, not killing the final knight. “Unusual” he thought, it wasn’t how he’d have done things but the man had finished the fight and was still alive that was what counted. But even still a warrior of such moral code was rare in these times. Feeling the situation was well at hand Sunder felt no need to get involved and had no doubt that he'd protect the petite blonde once they’d caught up. Still, Sunder decided to stick around to learn more.

As Jeke, with Joseph's limp form strapped to the horse, followed after Orla's footprints toward the fortress, Sunder stood up from his place of concealment in the snow and trudged down to the unconscious knight and the pair of dead ones lying in the snow. Methodically he went through their things, helping himself to what coin they had on them, their hardtack, weapons that caught his eye, and other items of value. It was off a dead bandit he had got his telescope a few months earlier. One never knew what one might find.

From within one of the dead knights' saddle bags Sunder discovered a rolled up parchment stained with blood. He unfurled it and saw it was a printed wanted poster with a sketch of a pretty woman on it, but not the blonde. This one had a harder look about her, and dark hair. Wanted Ursa Blacksong for the crimes of Heresy, Demonology, and Murder.

Sunder’s brow furrowed and his mouth went thin. He was a bounty hunter but never collected for the High Church of Sarnia. They jumped at the chance to label anyone who disagreed with them a religious criminal and with stuffed coffers allowing them to get the job done quickly by anyone scum enough to kill without question or research. Only because one believed in a different deity or interpreted the scriptures differently was enough to be sentenced to death, hopefully a quick on and not at the hands of the church knights. Sometimes the Silver Snakes (as the church knights were locally called) pursued real criminals, but more often than not it was so-called heretrics and illegal practitioners of magic. In this darkening era, such intolerant dogma took on a new level of threat and lunacy, and Sunder would have none of it.

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