A Dangerous Quest pt 2

After a slight pause "Technically not a curse." Ellody interjected. "Just a magical sealed item that left its ring of protection and activated." She explained. "And it's very very old and very very unstable."

Arc replied, "Ummm so exactly what is required to fix this whole thing? Please add all the details." Arc was worried since Ellody left out a lot of details.

"Whit dis it maitter, we jist pit the boax back an' aw, an' it's a' good, eh?" There was a pause as Kroski looked at everyone. "Right?" Kroski said with a little less confidence in his tone.

Arc nervously mutterd, "Uuuummmmmm......uuhhhhh...... it may matter if there is a proper way to return it. I recall some cursed items can cause all manner of issues if a step is skipped. I recall a cursed book that needed to be returned to a graveyard to stop a great calamity and the spell to safely return it was "Klaatu Barada Nikto", but the foolish priest we were with messed up and said "Klaatu Barada N... necktie... nectar... nickel... noodle. It's an "N" word, it's definitely an "N" word! Klaatu... Barada... N...followed by a cough. That moron unleashed a huge nightmare for us and we barely stopped the clamity in time." Arc nervously laughed as he scratched his helmet.

"It just needs to be put back." Ellody assured Arc. "Put it back in this cradle inside it's circle of power and problem solved. I'd go alone but I'm not an offensive mage, I only do defense." She said.

"Well." Parvil said "I'm a bit of a spell slinger."

Ellody still gave Parvil a nervous look. "So you don't want it right?" She asked.

"Why would I want something that would kill me?" Parvil asked in return.

Ellody responded by quirking an eyebrow.

Arc got nervous from the conversation going on before him as he tried to raise an eyebrow despite not having any eyes or eyebrows under his helmet. He replied, "Well I'm a Paladin so it may help to have a holy healer or sorts around for this type of mission I guess? Unless you know something I don't?" Arc was looking ar Ellody for an answer.

"O grate, undead lich? tome right?" the dwarf let out a nervous laugh. "Arc you are going to protect me right? said Kroski now not looking as confident as usual self.

Arc chuckled as he replied, "If its undead or the like I should be able to have the upper hand, but I can't say the same fer other monsters Mr. Krosik." Arc nervously chuckled under his helmet.

"Well, Ser Arc. I have that area remember? I used to have to deal with giants what are a few monsters? I will leave you something to do." joked Krosik he was smiling but did still sounded a bit nervous.

"Well I think we should get going can we get the box?" asked Krosik taking out a Mini Keg from a bag of ter opening it and giving it a good sniff. Taking a few drinks for it reached out to give it to Arc.

Arc replied, "Uhh thanks Krosik, but maybe after we finish tha mission first. I've a feeling I'll need all my wits fer this job." Arch chuckled nervously.

"Your loss Ser Arc" replied the dwarf as he drank some more. "Parvil?" Kroski offered lifting it towards Parvil.

Parvil held up a hand to say no.

Ellody shook her head. "Oh no..I'm going with you." She said. "I have to make sure it gets back to where it belongs." She said, "It's not undead. It's a weave conduit that is old and broken." She said.

Parvil's brow furrowed, "That's not good."

Arc recalled those words before but was not sure sure if he recalled them correctly. He asked, "Correct me if I am mistaken, but ummmm isn't tha "Weave" also in reference to tha source of magic and not just wicker? If so that is very very very bad."

"Yes." Ellody said, "It's the magic source." She said.

Parvil worked his jaw a bit, "So...a damaged magical focus, magic storage hybrid of undetermined age was removed from its place of power, threshold crossed..."

"Correct." Ellody said, "You know your Magic." She said.

Arc sounded nervous as he moaned a bit and replied, "Umm Parvil I hope you know the ins and outs of such magic. This is a bit outside my forte since despite my memory loss, I am still a paladin. If ya just need some muscle I can aid ya but, I would need I would need a lot more info."

Taking another drink Krosik closes the keg and puts it back in the bag "Let's jist get it back where the box belangs, get this ower with" said Kroski walking back toward the door. "The lassie comes. dose matter we dae she comes." remarked the Dwarf now looking a bit serious.

"Not the box..." Ellody said, "Just what's inside." but the dwarf didn't seem to hear as he was already out the door. "I need a bit of time to get ready." she said.

"Take a few minutes." Parvil said, "You wouldn't happen to have any blue beryl would you?" he said scanning the shelfs.

Ellody looked up from packing, "No...is it important?"

"No." Parvil said turning back to her. "My friend likes it, she probably has enough already but it's a gift I know she enjoys."

After a few minutes of packing Ellody joined Arc and Parvil going onto the streets to find Krosik. Finding him enjoying a drink.

"Ready Kroski?" Parvil asked.

Krosik was not far outside the door. He was leaning on a wood pillar holding the overhung up smoking on his pipe. He tween the puff he answered."Aye" it was a simple answer as Krosik taped his pipe on the wood clearing the ambers out of the pipe.

Arc looked at Krosik tap his pipe. Oddly he could smell the residue from the ashes despite not having a nose, which raised a lot of questions on top of his ability to enjoy food and drink. He wondered if his skeleton body was altered by magic to allow him to still feel his five senses. However as a skeleton he wondered if he was immune to things like sickness, poison and other mind altering things. He wished he could ask the others but he was still working on his trust issues, since his secret could very well make him an enemy very quickly to others. The twisted irony of an undead talking paladin would not sit well with many people. Then he asked the group, "So what will we need for our journey?"

Krosik looked at the others should I leave Iron here in town? You think the Mule will help?" asked Krosik He did not want to lose his mule it was good company on the road.

Ellody shrugged. "That decision is yours." she said.

Pravil reached out and gave the mule a pat on the head. "The mule can come." he said, "Let's just get a few camp supplies. We don't want to waste anytime."

Parvil started to walk towards the General Store, and got what they needed.

Once at the town entrance Ellody pulled the map the other adventurers had mapped out. "Its a fair distance from here but...not longer than 2 or 3 days."

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