A Dangerous Quest pt 1

The group got to town a few hours sooner then they'd expected, walking a bit faster then planned and being less suspicious of every sound. As they walked through the town Parvil stopped the other two as they passed a fair sized magic shop. "Hey. Let's stop there for a minute." Parvil said, pulling the two towards the shop.

As they entered Ellody looked up from behind the counter and sighed at the three, looking them up and down. "Oh." Parvil said waving his hands and the three were magically cleaned of dust, Dusty Krosik's sidekicks fur poofed up making her look like a tuff of brown dandilon fluff, "Sorry, didn't notice how filthy we were." Parvil said.

"Thank..." she stopped. "No...no...no..." she mumbled. Locking on Parvil. "I can't deal with more today."

Arc scratched his helmet like it was his head as he felt much cleaner from Parvil's spell. He wondered if he could learn that spell as well......... or did he already know it? He still had much to learn about himself as well as his surroundings. When the person from behind the counter began to speak Arc was confused by what they were going on about so he looked around to see what he was missing.

Ellody sighed "I am sorry but I already have enough on my plate I can not deal with whatever weird thing you have going on." She said gesturing to all of Parvil.

"Weird thing? I'm good with weird things." Parvil said, "I something the matter?"

Ellody eyed Parvil sceptically "You aren't looking for help?" she quirked an eyebrow.

Parvil unintentionally mirrored her confusion. "No...?" he said. "I was just looking to see what magic items you had, but if you need help..."

The woman behind the counter let out a little laugh. "Unless you are two powerful warriors and an equally powerful mage...I doubt it." Ellody sighed."

"Side bar." Parvil pulled Kroski and Arc in a huddle. "We have to help her. I know we just met but..." Parvil looked over his shoulder. "Mages don't usually freak out over magic items unless they are cursed or dangerous...or both...I hope its not both..."

Arc whispered, "Umm I don't mind helping but what are we helping them with?" Arc was completely out of the loop on this conversation. He had no idea what type of "help" was being asked for, but if it was for the greater good he didn't mind at all.

Looking at the two "cursed or dangerous?" repeated Kroski with a grin. Dusty was fascinated with the huddle and was standing in the middle looking up with a tilt to her head looking confused. "Ach, Ah might just pure wreck that wee idem," suggested Kroski. He two looked back at the lady. then back at the two "I am in tae help" commented Kroski.

Arc had a nervous smile on his boney face, but no one could see that since he was wearing his helmet with the visor down. This would be a first for him to go on a group adventure since waking up in this strange land as a skeleton paladin. It was nice to be in a group and learn new things but he was still nervous about his situation. So he replied, "Umm I may be wrong but don't cursed items still fall under tha "dangerous" topic? Since I am in tha dark on tha details, I think we best let you two get tha info on this here plan."

"That's a matter of debate." Parvil said to the comment about danger and curses. "So are more pranks by wizards. Like a pair of rings what swap your hands, or make you float when you have carnal thoughts." he said, but turned his attention back to the woman.

"If you care to share the issue, we might be able to help." he said, "Just have to trust us."

Ellody sighed. "I hope you three are smarter than the last adventurers." she said, "Okay..." she took a breath. "A group of adventures decided to take something from a tomb that was never meant to leave it. If my translations of the writing on the object is correct it needs to be put back yesterday, otherwise this whole continent could just end up as a glass sculpture. Semi-metaphorically speaking." she said.

Parvil let out a long whistle. "That's a lot to process." He thought a moment. "I'm willing to help, and since speed is a factor I don't think my time crunch will be an issue." he said. "I can't speak for my friends. But...I'm ready to go if you are."

"Danger, intrigue, Ma kind o' fun," commented The Dwarf with a grin. "Ah... where is this idem?" Kroski asked looking around the shop.
Ellody let out a nervous laugh. "In a magical sealed box deep inside a 'Bag of Holding' so that I might have a moment to prey if it goes off." She said.

Arc scratched the op of his helmet as if it was his head then replied, "So like what are the rules to handling, delivering and preventing the curse?" He was worried they would mess up in the process.

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