Thundering storms

Joseph looked up at the sky, "Clouds are gathering, a storm is brewing. We might wanna prepare for it." He looked at Orla for a moment, his eyes flashed into a glowing blue and he spoke in a strange voice, not his own. However the voice wasn't that of Draken either, rather of something older. "I think it's adorable that all of you have your theories and ideas about this end, and they aren't close. An age is ending but not the end of just one race, or any at that matter. It is an age of a new beginning." Joseph shook his head, his eyes changing back to normal, "Okay, personally I don't like having people in my head, I don't need another one, I already have two!" A blue mist came out of his mouth and changed into a humanoid form with the same blue glowing eyes, "Is this better mortal?" Joseph looked at the mist creature, "May I ask who you are?" The being gave a chuckle, "Allow me to show you." It swirled its "hands" in a circle and formed into a blue colored symbol of a crown with two swords behind it, sealed by a blue ring. Joseph didn't understand that the symbol was the Symbol of the King in Blue or the Blue King, the infamous Soularous.

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