Ignorant Conversations

Shade smiled, he took the bait. Shade hobbled over to Severos, "I seemed to have lost a book. My grandson gave it to me so I could see what it does, he's a priest of the church. I might not look like it, but I'm a mage, or at least someone who can identify magical items and curses. I'm not sure what happened to it, I remember putting it down in the tavern I was staying at, but it disappeared soon after. That was a long time ago, and it's a dangerous book, and I couldn't help but dectect it's magic from you. I'm not saying you took it or anything, but could you help me find it so no one with ill intentions get their hands on it. I would appreciate it so much."

Shade didn't want the book, but he was summoned to get it, he didn't like his summoner so he will o ly get the book, even though she would rather have him kill this man, Shade rather liked him, he reminded Shade of himself when he was young, and alive. However that time was long gone, and he had other plans. Hopefully this man bought Shade's story, if not, well he was already in range of Shade's magic.

And unfortunately for Severos, he unwittingly did. "Well, tracking a book is relatively easy. And if not there, then surely I can assist in finding a new one for you," answered the mage. "And it is pleasant to finally see another wizard! I had feared that I was last of Miekrannis, after the fall. Come, let us wet our throats! We may have plenty in common!"

With a gesture, he turned and led the way to the Golden Oak. The emblazoned leaf was shining brightly upon sign as Severos led them into the open air tavern. He ordered two Wizard Bombs before taking a seat at an open table. "Did you leave the book here, perchance?" Severos asked.

"No," Shade answered with a shake of his head.

"Ah! Tis a shame that your search is not concluded easily," he responded, Severos smiling. Their drinks arrived by waitress, the busty orc woman deftly, expertly lifting and setting drinks down with the blue and fizzing gold liquid barely swaying in the glass.

"So, one mage to another," Severos started. "Where did you study?"

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