Shade gave a soft chuckle as he took a sip of the drink, "I mostly do sealing and binding spells. Nothing really powerful. Most of my magic is used to seal powerful and evil magics so that no one can use them." He had to keep up with the lies, yeah he could seal magics, but some magics were way to powerful for him. "You say that we are few and far between? I guess the church has been a bit forceful about their rules. I remember long ago where magic was a bit too free, however some magics shouldn't be restricted or down right outlawed. Healing for example."
Shade took another sip, "Oh how times have changed. Now what is your name young man? You can call me, Jace." Shade didn't lie, his true name was Jace, when he was alive.
To make a lie believable, you have to put a twist of truth.

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