The Moment

Shade wasn't even phased by this, he had seen men go crazy for even an ounce of power. The whole reason he was in this situation in the first place was because of those men. Thankfully Soularous puniahed those men. Even though the Blue King was seen as evil, it was more that he was having difficulty with the inhabitants and his enemies setting him as evil.

"It's quite alright, we all have those moments when we want to snap. I agree, magic did help society and bring it to where it is now, however there are people who abuse that power and cause the problems we see everyday. The desires of someone can cause people to become very cruel and even heartless. However at the same time, fear can become a dangerous factor." He sighed and thought about everything that happened to the world, however he knew what his main goal was. "Now Severos, I don't want to he a problem about it, but I really need to get that book, if I don't, bad things will happen. Terrible things. I would love to talk, but my mission is very important."

Shade had to get that book, in order to get his revenge.

Severos shook his head to clear it. "Of course... We could try my circle. Please follow me, it is a bit of a walk."

((Severos' Hut, Karavoss))

The entire walk there was filled with small talk but Severos had his head filled with trouble. He knows. He knows of my secret. He wants it for himself, the young mage ran through his head. The mistrust it gave was pushed aside by the knowledge that the Mortith was hidden away. There could be no chance anyone knew it was here. With a wave of his hand, he calmed a bit as he parted the veils of illusions that hid the hut. He steeled himself with that as he opened the door.

Still, his eyes went to the center of the floor, the exact patch of dirt that the leaden chest hid under, as he opened the door and welcomed Jace in. "I apologize this is not some great tower. I am afraid the days of wishing for such things died with the college," Severos said with a slight smile. "I know you are in a hurry to find the book. But this needs a minute... Now where did I...?" the young mage trailed off, searching with an arcane eye for his hidden circle.

He found it as easily as he had hidden it. By the fireplace it was, cloaked in illusions that he dispelled with a flick of attentions and wills. The magic circle winked into sight as the young mage began to gather candles and incense. He moved with a purpose he did not have in a long time.

As he set the candles into the correct positions, he wiped his finger around the silver lining of the circle. It hummed and glowed with power, larger arcane sigils appearing in an ethereal blue.

"And now... The incanters and target," Severos said. "Oh, you never told me the book's title. What is it?" he asked Jace.

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