Parting Ways pt 2

(Joint Post with Ender)

Soularous pointed over to a small cave near their campsite. "I want you to go in there so I may tell you the truth of the past and figure out what is happening during this age." He began drifting towards the cave, "Don't worry. It's just one of my hidden temples..."

“Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly,” Reise remarked mockingly. “Yeah, right.”

“Pass,” Sunder said, taking his hand off his sword and grabbing his bag. “I’ve been away for too long.” He gave Jeke a goodbye nod and walked away into the night, belt lantern lit. Just like that.

Reise watched the man leaving. “He’s got the right idea. Care to depart, Ms Carling?” he said, tilting his head towards the man. “I’m sure he’d escort us back to the road.”

Orla nodded mutely in agreement, clutching Reise's arm, and off they went to catch the armored man before he got too far away.

Jeke bid goodbye to the two, calling out, "Osilon lays further south. I hope to see you in good health one day!"

“Farewell and may our paths cross again, Master Kerron,” Orla returned graciously.

“Yeah, take care, Jake,” Reise said back over his shoulder.

Jeke shook his head and turned to Joseph. "Well, it seems knowledge is to be had. You do not need to worry if you wish to see it. But know that everything has a cost. I will stay with you in your time of need."

How gallant of you, Weapons Master,” Soularous said. “Did you know your master Tolkyn still worries about you, as do your parents? They are concerned about the dangerous journey you plan to undertake to Zatar. If the Iron Queen’s elves should catch you your death will be an unpleasant one. ”

Soularous turned to address those departing. "I never got to thank you, Orla. For saving my beloved son more than a century ago in that enchanted garden of yours. However I was able to thank your goddess before she had to leave us. Shame that she had to go, wasn’t it? Chaos just isn’t the same without her. So noble a Being Fernoia was." He chuckled at his own joke.

Joseph who was still tied up looked over at the demon, "What do you mean shame she had to go? What does that mean, demon?"

“Never you mind, mortal. But I have words for you too. A message from your family: "Le Vonna, Netch Coon."

Joseph looked down at the ground, horrified at what he heard.

Soularous chuckled again and called out to the young man with Orla. “Reise, remember your home, as rest assured, it still remembers you.”

“Oh quite positive they do. Made a pretty grand show of leaving. I’d remember me too,” Reise replied breezily.

Orla looked back at Soularous with a haunted expression, her mind pained at both the thought of Fernoia's mysterious disappearance and how a legendary archdemon could possibly know her deity on a personal basis.

“Don't let him get to you, he's just messing with us,” Reise said. “That's what demons do, right?”

“Reise, as much fun as it would be messing with you, there are far more important matters.” Soularous looked to the armored man they sought for a protector on the roads. “Sunder, was it? Please tell the Mother I said hello, and to beware of the Grand One.”

Sunder had also stopped and turned at Soularous’s parting words to them. “Hold your tongue you lowsome imp. If that gnome steps foot on sanctified grounds she’ll be nailed to the outer walls as a message to the rest of her cult!”

"Now that's just rude, I could be lying about everything, but as much to popular belief, I'm not the bloodthirsty demon of destruction as everyone remembers. This world is too beautiful to destroy. I did have one moment I wanted to throw that out the window, mostly because my lover was burned at the stake and my son was forced to suffer. Thankfully, a certain Goddess changed my mind." He gave another look to Orla. He wasn't trying to pose a threat, he mostly wanted to get their attention. "Now Sunder, I respect you, you've done a lot to get here and saved many innocents from the cruel bandits. I know you have no reason to respect me, but at least listen to what I wanted to share. Please. This is a serious matter. The gods on high have disappeared. Secondly there is a power vacuum now, and if the wrong one takes their place, you might as well say goodbye to this world."

"Your information is suspect," Sunder said tersely. "I know the Fair Lady isn't gone."

“And if they are all gone, are you saying you’re our salvation?” Reise asked Soularous, laughing. “Even if you are, that’s going to be a hard sell. Personally I’ve never had much use for gods, and even less for self-serving demons lords with delusions of grandeur.”

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