Starport Noir

Inna woke up, she wandered to the cockpit with misty eyes. Niner and Aegon were sat there looking out at the swirling vortex of hyperspace. "Good morning Miss Keokea," Niner chirped.
"Good morning Niner. Good morning Baron."
"Morning Inna, did you sleep well?"
"I slept okay - all things considered."
"That's good," Aegon smiled at the sleepy Twi'lek and then turned his head back to the vortex. "Where we heading?"
"Wild Space!"
"Wild Space?" Inna replied, her jaw dropped. "Do you know how risky that area of the galaxy is?"
"Of course I do Inna, we are going to pick up some survivors. On the planet Vixnix."
"I've never heard of it."
"Neither had I until about two hours ago but that's where we are heading. Get ready it won't be long until we arrive." Inna saluted Aegon sarcastically and returned to her room.

About an hour later the Nimble Dragon had landed on the strange world of Vixnix. The sky was a permanent deep purple, the air was cold. The planet was mountainous, with outposts built in and around the gargantuan mountains that scattered the planet. They were in the settlement of Kasserine, a small remote space port town. There was hardly any locals; but fortunately for Aegon there was hardly any Imperials. It was only haulers and pirates who came to this place.

Baron, Inna and Niner walked to the control tower that sat in the heart of the town. It was operated by a light skinned Cerean, a Cerean named Talah Khmouda, he graciously welcomed the trio in and began to speak. "What can do for you travellers?" Talah asked, he slowly stroked his beaded chin as he listened. "I'm looking for an independent trade ship The Mercantile. My employer's intelligence suggested it came down here on Vixnix."
"Hmmm..." Talah Khmouda thought for a moment and turned to his logs computer, he quickly pressed multiple buttons and swiped through tens of digital logistical and manifest sheets. "This ship the Mercantile has been up and down on this planet a few times now, but it hasn't been in the Kasserine port for weeks, months even!"
"I can contact another starport maybe they landed in a different city?"
"My intelligence pointed me to Kasserine, well to this vacinity I mean. What's the nearest other starport?"
"Chenini!" Talah coughed.
"How far away is Chenini?"
"Five hundred miles away."
"That's too far." Baron stood up and looked outside at ships sailing through the mountains, he would need something small to find the Mercantile. "I spotted some T-16 Skyhoppers on my way in, do you know who owns them?"
"Not off the top of my head but I can certainly look."
"Do that!" Baron ordered.

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