The Prisoner

They stepped into the belly of the Mercantile, it was dark only a slither of light leaked in to the ship's damaged interior. Aegon pulled out a torch from his pouch, he swayed it around and carefully examined the scene. The cargo crates were thrown around the ship's hold. "Who are these survivors we're looking for anyway?" Inna asked as she switched on her own torch. "Survivors, Fulcrum said there was some Imperial laborers willing to defect. They were going as stowaways onboard this ship."
"Sorry who's Fulcrum?"
"It's a codename, I don't know who they are."
"Right. How do you know they survived?"
"I'm being optimistic Inna, but their beacon was activated."

"Do you hear that?" Inna asked, Aegon nodded. They could hear a metallic rattle up ahead, slowly they approached. "Stay quiet," Baron whispered as he motioned his finger over his lips. Their boots clinked against the metallic surface, clink clink clink, they both stopped. A shadowy figure sat rummaging through one of the crates. Inna quickly flicked her torch at the figure, it was a Weequay pirate. "Stop!" Inna screamed she aimed at blaster at the thief. "Put your hands up," Inna ordered, nervously the pirate raised his hands above his head.

Baron studied the pirate for a moment, no obvious signs of who he worked for. "What are you looking for?" Aegon asked. The Weequay turned his head to Inna, as if he were asking for permission to speak. Promptly the Twi'lek nodded. "We are looking for plunder," the pirate's voice was weasel-like. "What kind of plunder?"
"The finest treasures in Wild Space, artefacts. Being taken to auction houses across the galaxy!"
"What happened to everybody onboard?"
"Gone, some dead. Others escaped. Others our slaves now!" The pirate slowly began to lower his hands. "You pirates are a nuisance." Aegon exclaimed.
"Keep your hands high now," Inna growled she moved the pistol closer toward him. Then out of nowhere, BANG! Aegon rushed outside to see the two Skyhoppers destroyed, both were burning. He pulled out his pistol and shot at some fleeing pirates. "Blasted!" Baron sulked. He made his way back inside and looked at Inna, she knew instantly something bad had happened. "These idiots destroyed our ships..."
"Damnit," Inna sighed. Aegon was furious he ran on over behind the pirate and placed a pair of handcuffs around the Weequay's wrists. "We take prisoners now?" Inna asked.
"We do as long as these pirates keep messing us around, our friend here will make a good trade." Aegon tightened the cuffs and took a step back. "What's your name anyway?"
"Kona," the pirate welped.
"Well Kona, I'm sure you can lead us to your captain!" Baron Aegon grabbed the crease in the back of Kona's tightly and dragged him.

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