Special Instructions

The Commander marched into the medical bay, she was surprised to see Captain Cosgrove sat on her bed awake. She was sweaty and pale. "She's awake, why'd nobody inform me?" Commander Luando barked. A nervous looking doctor approched the Intrepid's furious commander and saluted. "Apologies ma'am, we were given instructions from an officer not to distract you."
"Officer what officer?" Luando demanded.
"Officer Kinver I believe. He is one of Grand Admiral Abalam's men on the ISD Malice, well that's what he told us anyway. He said the Grand Admiral had special instructions for us not to distract you from the reroute to Cerea."
"Dismissed!" The doctors and nurses left the medical bay, leaving only Luando, Cosgrove and some medical droids behind.

Once the room was empty Iras furiously kicked over a bacta fluid tank and screamed. "I'm sick of that man trying to sabotage my ship!" Luando realised she had startled Cosgrove, she jolted towards her at placed her gloved hand over Cosgrove's. "I'm sorry Lana," Iras looked into her eyes and Lana Cosgrove looked back. "Thank you Commander..." Lana said slowly.
"My pleasure. Unfortunately we are meeting with Abalam again, he has picked the Intrepid to accompany the Malice in an operation on Cerea. When do you think you'll be ready to fight again?"

To Be Continued...

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