Did you?

Lana was stunned for two reasons; one, the touch of the Commander brought a spark of excitement through her. Second, she'd used her first name. "Commander Luando, did you just call me 'Lana'? I... I know you knew but you've never, I mean, not that you couldn't it's just... well, I don't know what I'm trying to say..." And she got rather flushed with a mix of embarrassment and intrigue.

Luando realized her lapse in standard protocol. It wasn't that she 'couldn't' use an officers first name, but never before had she done so before... with anyone. She'd prided herself on maintaining all the rules and regulations. It's one of the largest reasons she'd risen to her rank - being one of the few women to do so. Iras actually looked a bit flushed in the face too.

Commander Iras Luando took a deep breath. She scanned the room again to ensure only they were alone, save the droids, and sighed. She took off her gloves and resumed holding Lana's hand. "You're right, Lana," she said again, adding a touch of softness this time. "I haven't, and never have with anyone, broken that grey area of protocol. On the bridge or while anyone is on duty, regulations are clear, but being that you are not it could be forgiven. I...I hope you don't mind."

Lana was frozen like a womprat in speeder headlights.

"I... I don't mind at all," she replied. She gave Iras' hand a small squeeze back, letting her thumb just linger, caressing her fingers slightly. For the briefest moment, their eyes met and they were no longer officer and commander, no longer on an imperial ship. They were two people, sharing a moment of tenderness.

"Uh hum," came a cough from behind them.

Luando bolted upright, turned and saw a trooper, standing at a salute. She returned it, reluctantly, and before she could bark in a response, the trooper spoke. "I'm very sorry, Commander Luando, but you've a video message from General Abalam... he requests your reply immediately on where you are at on meeting him on Cerea...."


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