Every Ship Needs Its Captain

Kona could feel the barrel of the blaster pressed tightly against his neck. "You're no Empire," the Weequay spat. "Damn right I'm not. If I was you'd already be dead, now keep moving," Aegon poked the jabbed the gun. Kona slowly lead them to carrier, it was old, likely second hand. Another pirate saw Kona approaching and opened the door. "Don't worry!" Kona shouted. The pirate activated a switch and a pair of blast doors came flying open. Behind the doors their was a Klatoonian, she held a large rifle up. Her clawed finger hovering above the trigger. "I wouldn't," Inna sighed. The Klatoonian lowered the weapon to her side. "Pempek, these scoundrels want to meet with the captain." Kona ordered even though he wasn't very well thought of by the crew. "Don't you call us scoundrels!" Baron huffed. "You... Pempek lead the way, Inna you take Kona here." Baron pushed Kona over to Inna, the Klatoonian nodded and lead the way to the bridge.

The bridge was a mess, immediately a group of prisoners that were blindfolded and hogtied caught Aegon's attention. "I'm looking for the Captain of this ship." As Baron spoke a golden eyed Trandoshan turned around, dressed in a mix of armour and luxurious attire, in the Captain's hand was a modified Amban rifle. "That is I," the Trandoshan announced.
"And who exactly are you?"
"Captain Eleodie Maracavanya, this is my ship. Get any wise ideas and you'll be the crew's lunch for the next week."
"Well Eleodie, I want to know what happened to the passengers of the Mercantile. I assume this is some of them?" Baron indicated to the prisoners. "You'd be correct - well the ones who survived at least," zhe snarled.
"Let them go!"
"Why should I? They're Imperial!"
"Trust me nobody hates the Empire more than me."
"I very much doubt that."

Eleodie approached Aegon, zhe smelt of dead fish. Aegon gagged. "They're just laborers, I'm here to get them to safety."
"You think I wouldn't get them to safety myself?"
"I don't really class the Black Market as safety. I'm a liberator, liberating them of their plunder they just got in the way. As are you!" Maracavanya started to examine zher weapon, Aegon had seen a Trandoshan making that kind of face in the past. From his experiences it usually meant they were thinking some bad.

To Be Continued...

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