Niko didn't have much time to worry. Soon, his door opened and droid entered, grabbing for him. Instinctively, he dodged it and headed for the door, only to be met by another and before he was hooded, he could see another pair in the hallway and the feet of something more human.

Blinded, he was carried by wheeled droids. He tried to count the time, get any sense how far he was taken, but soon gave up. He could have been in the room across the hall with all the twists, turns, and starts and stops. There were no sounds to aid him either.

He was placed on a gurney and clamped down. His hood was removed. Blinded momentarily, he was soon able to focus in and saw nothing good. At least three cameras were on him. A pair of medical droids was there too. His gurney was moved to a vertical position, his feet resting on something so he was standing, but would be unable to move. Even if he couldn't hold himself up, his restraints would prevent him from falling over.

"Welcome to session one of your weekly punishment regimen," came a voice.

A pre-recorded hologram displayed before him. It was Abalam.

"I've spared no personal expense in this, rebel. Your sessions will be recorded and sent to me so I can savor your punishment. Don't worry, they'll make it interesting so you have something new to look forward to each week. And the medical droids... why, they are there to keep you alive and resuscitate you should you perspire or pass out. You can try and restrain your screams, it won't do any good."

And he smiled and the cameras zoomed in.

A droid moved in, extended hands with sensors to gauge his actual location. And then it began. Niko had taken several beatings in his life, but never like this. He'd been knocked out, but never resuscitated to only be knocked out again. After a while, he felt something like a rib break and a buzzer went off.

"Recalibrating..." the droid said in response.

It continued...

He didn't know how long, didn't know how long he could endure it, and he gave up more than once only to be shot with enough meds to rouse him again. When they were finished, he was placed in a bacta tank. Hours must have passed and while everything felt a little better, he knew the sad reasoning for the tank... so he could just endure more later.

Seven days to get out of here...

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