No more slaves

Inna stepped forward bravely, to Aegon's surprise. "I won't see another soul sold into slavery... not when I can stop it. I was sold as a child and did things I'd rather forget to gain my freedom so I won't have them sold like a commodity... not when I can stop it!"

Eleodie paused. "Empire sell you too or was it the Hutts?"

"The Hutts, what's it to you?" Inna barked.

"I was sold by the Hutts to the Empire, so I'll thank you to not mistake me for some slaver. I'm a lot of things, but slaver is not one of them. Sure, I'll kill anything that moves or things in the galaxy, steal anything from anyone, but if these folks aren't imperial, and you can prove it, then they'll live and be free."

Aegon stepped forward, resting a hand on Inna's blaster, causing her to lower it. "Really? You mean it?"

"I said it didn't I? Some people, even pirates, stick to their promises," Eleodie replied.

Aegon held up his hands and took a step between Inna and Eleodie. "Fulcrum! Fulcrum! Does that mean anything to any of you?" he called to the prisoners. Amidst the group of captives, was an Ugnaught who looked very uncomfortable. Aegon kept his hands up and took slow, cautious steps towards him. "Excuse me, does 'Fulcrum' mean something to you?"

"It's the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots," the Ugnaught grumped back.

"Yes... I know, but very few of your fellow captives still even know what you mean and you are the only one who reacted when I said it the first time," Aegon replied.

The Ugnaught stood and approached Aegon. Without warning, he delivered a sharp kick to Aegon's shin, knocking him to the ground. "You know how hard it was to maintain my cover amidst all this and you go and blow it like that!"


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