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Summary: A clever xenobotanist that believes humankind's well-being and future hinges on plants.

Devereaux Beaumanoir

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Sutter's World




Devereaux's passion is the pursuit of knowledge and ideation. He believes there are countless treasures in space, just waiting for someone to be discovered and the right questions to be asked to get to the right answers. Every day, new pieces to the puzzle of existence are found on the Frontier. Figuring out what makes them fit together could leap humanity over nature's next hurdle. While he doesn't understand the causation, effects, and connections of everything, he is usually the one who understands them better and faster than most.


Strength 2
Agility 4
Wits 5
Empathy 3

Due to a mountain climbing accident, Devereaux lost his left arm below the elbow and left leg in his early twenties. Confined to mobility enhancing equipment for a time, he was able to eventually afford to undergo the surgical procedure of getting a completely synthetic left leg. His left forearm and hand is a charcoal grey carbon-fiber prosthetic that achieves a comprehensive functionality that comes astonishingly close to the natural movement of the hand; and several dexterous skills that are inhumanly possible.


Survival 3
Observation 3
Comtech 3
Medical Aid 1


Assistant Operations Manager - Brandon Hettinger
CPCS Officer - Ricardo Gauss


Currently none

Signature Item

Unfinished scientific paper



You can roll for OBSERVATION to gain insight regarding strange and alien artifacts or creatures that you encounter and get a chance to study for at least one Turn. For every 6 you roll, you get to ask the GM one of the questions below. Is it human or alien? Is it dead or alive? How old is it? What is its purpose? How does it work? What problems could it cause? The GM must answer truthfully, but is allowed to give vague or incomplete answers in order to avoid spoiling the scenario. A successful Analyze roll also reduces the STRESS LEVEL of all other PCs within SHORT range by one, while a failed roll increases the other PCs' stress level by one.


Seegson P-DAT
Seegson System Diagnostic Device

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Image of Devereaux Beaumanoir
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