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Posted by : on Dec 28, 2023, 6:08am


The SS Nomad is about to embark on its maiden voyage.

Looking for more Players to join a campaign involving the science exploration vessel Nomad. We need crew: scientists, wildcatters, survivalists, etc...

Game System: Alien RPG

It is pretty slow paced right now, but the general rule is to post within 48 hours, after which the GameMUTHR will move the game along.

We will perform any skill rolls and combat on the Discord server. There is no need to learn the rules ahead of time, we can go over each roll on Discord. I can perform the rolls for your character(s) if you like, but be warned, characters CAN and WILL die. So don't get too attached to a character, this is Alien after all.

Characters: You can create your own characters or choose one or more NPCs. For original characters, use Game-Mother to create one and post it to the #network channel in discord.

Adventures In Gaming - Discord Server

*In the event that your character should perish, there will be plenty of NPCs to choose from.