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Summary: The Corporate Agent

Elisabet Maciel

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Nomad


Company Agent - Blackstone-Mori Interstellar

Personality / History

Elisabet is a young up-and-coming corporate agent, with almost a decade at Blackstone-Mori Interstellar. She has used her skills and knowhow to quickly get up the career ladder. Her parents have a history with the company, but Elisabet is always quick to insist that it wasn't nepotism that got her to where she is today. When her mind is off the work Miss Maciel has a deep fascination with history, she keeps an extensive collection of digitized historical works.

Stats / Skills

Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Wits: 5
Empathy: 4

Mobility: 1
Observation: 3
Comtech: 3
Manipulation: 3


Company Agent - Personal Safety
The interests of the company always come first, no matter what. And you represent the company. That means your own safety is paramount-other crew members are expendable. If you are attacked or otherwise end up in fatal danger and if another PC or friendly NPC is within SHORT range (the same zone), you can make a MANIPULATION roll (straight roll, not opposed and does not count as an action). If you succeed, you see the threat coming and find a clever way to make the other character suffer the attack or hazard instead of you. Using this talent increases your STRESS LEVEL by one.

Signature Item and Gear

Letter of Corporate Authorization
M4A3 Service Pistol
Data transmitter card with corporate clearance level
Grey hand tailored company jumpsuit

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Image of Elisabet Maciel
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