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Summary: A self made scientists looking for a big score.

Dr. Billy Adama

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Nomad


Geologist/Prospector: Geologists are scientists who study the planet, its history, nature, materials and processes. There are many types of geologists: environmental geologists, who study human impact on the Earth system; and economic geologists, who explore for and develop Earth's resources, are just two examples.

Every day, new pieces to the puzzle of existence are found on the Frontier. Figuring out what makes them fit together could leap humanity over nature's next hurdle and you are one thesis away from the respect your deserve. Some find you cold and detached; they don't understand that your passion is knowledge. Whether your field is xenobiology, astrophysics, robots or even arachaeology, there are countless treasures in space, just waiting for someone to trip over the next asteroid and run right into them. Whether or not that's you, you're still the one who understands them better than anyone.

Personality / History

Billy was an orphan and raised in an orphanage with no concept of family. he led a questionable life and managed to become a scientist that studies geology. Most of his knowledge came from the streets fencing jewelry and whatever he could learn in a library. He is looking for a big score so he doesn't have to work anymore but its hard to do that when you work for greedy corporations. He learned to use a pistol since he deals with shady people.

Stats / Skills

Health: 3
Encumbrance (How many Items you can carry): 6
Key Attribute: Wits
Key Skills: Observation, Survival, Comtech
Key Attribute:
Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Wits: 5
Empathy: 2

Close Combat: 1
Stamina: 1
Ranged Combat: 1
Observation: 3
Survival: 2
Comtech: 1
Medical Aid: 1


Talent 1: Wildcatter (BBW) - Prospecting
You are an expert prospector and can sniff out rich resources better than anyone. When prospecting, you roll twice on the Prospecting Finds table (page 92 BBW) and keep the best result.

Talent 2: Quick Draw
You can draw your weapon so quickly it doesn't cost you an action.

Talent 3: Scientist - Analysis
You can roll for OBSERVATION to gain insight regarding strange and alien artifacts or creatures that you encounter and get a chance to study for at least one Turn. For every 6 you roll, you get to ask the GM one of the questions below. Is it human or alien? Is it dead or alive? How old is it? What is its purpose? How does it work? What problems could it cause? The GM must answer truthfully, but is allowed to give vague or incomplete answers in order to avoid spoiling the scenario. A successful Analyze roll also reduces the STRESS LEVEL of all other PCs within SHORT range by one, while a failed roll increases the other PCs' stress level by one.
Talent 4: Fast Reflexes
Fast Reflexes
You can draw two initiative cards instead of one during the initiative draw. Choose the one you want to use and shuffle the other one back into the deck before others draw their cards.

Signature Item and Gear

Cash: d6 x 100 dollars
Signature Item: Scientist - Albert Einstein Award
Starting Gear:
Seegson P-DAT
M4A3 Service Pistol


Doesn't want to die poor and doesn't want to die young either.

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Image of Dr. Billy Adama
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