January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
14:50/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Hex 2 Maintenance Bay

Shusett sat in his area of the maintenance bay, his boss Maryam Blaine approached him. "Did you get that vending machine in Hex 10 working again?"

"Yes Maryam, I just got back now. It wasn't vending any of the items but it seems to be working now luckily."

"Thank you Irving, you're a lifesaver. This department wouldn't get nearly half as much work done without you. You're always just so concentrated," Maryam explained.

"I try my best," Shusett replied quietly.

"That you do! It's been a busy day don't let anyone else catch on to this but take it easy for the next few hours but stay in the office unless it's a callout," Maryam whispered. Irving Shusett nodded, he began to gently tap his thumb against his desk.

"Thank you Maryam - I will check over the APOLLO subsystems remotely for the next few hours. It's been having trouble with the Sutter-Lynk server."

"Then I'll leave you to it... if you need me, you know where to find me." Maryam raised her right hand from her waist and did a half-wave goodbye. Shusett's eyes followed her as she left him. Once the coast was clear he switched on his Weyland-Yutani Model 500 mainframe screen. He then pulled a cable from his jacket pocket, which he promptly used to link the computer to his radio. Ka-click! He tuned his radio to the right frequency, a frequency that would allow him to beam messages without being picked up by any exterior monitoring.

Shusett opened a mail client, he typed in Cowboy's details and began to type the message:

LADON here, I successfully acquired some of the items from the contact BANGTAIL. It was two cryostorage units one containing a sort of VASE and the other a live SPECIMEN, potentially hostile. The specimen attempted to attack me using company data I have determined that the specimen can be identified as a FACEHUGGER find copied documents attached, may require decryption. I can only start to imagine what the company wishes to do with them. The ship MONTERO has arrived on Sutter's World. I was unsuccessful in acquiring data from the Montero's hard disk but I did discover that the contact and their crew may be at risk of being caught - I have not yet had the opportunity to let them know. I have managed to extinguish any data that could jeopardize me. Please respond upon arrival of this urgent message. Find additional data attached to this message.

Shusett looked around the area as the message slowly transmitted across the stars to wherever Cowboy was now. Once done the radio chirped, the technician hadn't felt so relieved in his life. The mission was still on.

To Be Continued...

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